Frasier Dam Recreation Area

Our current area of focus is on the Green Belt of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. This project has turned this overlooked piece of natural beauty in the heart of Dallas into a world class recreation center open to the public. With 116-acres of wilderness to explore, you won’t believe you’re still in the city.

To get to the recreation area, start at the intersection of Harry Hines and Northwest Highway traveling southeast toward downtown, take the I-35 on ramp, and turn right into the parking area after you cross under the bridge.

Frasier Dam Recreation Area Vision:


Hines Park

Hines Park was once a neglected and litter-filled green space. Groundwork Dallas adopted the 11-acre park over four years ago and has added a loop trail, rock garden, wildlife viewing platform, benches, and fencing to make this a beautiful sanctuary in an industrial part of the city.

Hines Park-3.png

Educational Partnerships

We have several partnerships with groups such as International Rescue Committee, Incarnation House, and many high schools around Dallas ISD. These partnerships serve both an educational and environmental purpose. The students volunteer their time for trash pickups, planting native flora, and other area maintenance. They also helps us monitor water quality in the Elm Fork Green Belt so we can understand and improve our restoration efforts of the area.


Trash Abatement

Sadly, this is one of the more immediate needs within the green belt. The Elm Fork Green Belt sits in a floodplain, and thus is highly susceptible to floatable refuse like plastic bottles, styrofoam, and (interestingly enough) discarded shoes. In the past 2 years, Groundwork Dallas has removed about 130,000 pounds of trash from the greenbelt and other areas in Dallas. Thanks to you - the businesses, schools, individuals, and volunteer groups - we’re keeping the trash out of our recreation area.