Green Team Adventures

As the temperature started to rise above 100 degrees you could find Groundwork Dallas out with the Green Team and the AmeriCorps youth throughout the week cleaning up trash and performing habitat remediation. These youths who would otherwise spend the summer at home enjoying the air conditioning and cruising the internet were out in the humidity helping to conserve their local ecosystems. They learned about water quality issues, the hydrological cycle, biodiversity, and conservation efforts in the Dallas Metroplex. They volunteered more than 500 hours of serves to better understand environmental conservation careers. These hours of service were not only executed in the Dallas area but also our great national parks. Three AmeriCorps Youths and a Green Team Member were invited to the Grand Tetons National Park Green Experience Corp to perform historical conservation work. An additional three Green Team members Hillary, Cindy, and Nohelia were invited to participate in conservation work at the Yellowstone National Park Green Experience Corp. These opportunities were made possible by the collaborative work of Groundwork USA and the National Park Service. These programs allow urban youth to escape their surroundings and wander into the great unknown. Many of them are the first of their families to ever step foot into a National Park. Once they ventured into our national treasures they found it difficult to leave and hard to envision a future without these amazing parks in their lives.  

By Melissa Guevara, Green Team Leader, Groundwork Dallas