Don't Trash My Trinity

Citizen-generated trash affects the beauty of our local forests and waterways – including the
Trinity River and Forest. It’s time to do something about it.

•  Pick up trash when you can
•  See illegal dumping in progress? Call 911 immediately
•  See illegal dumping after-the-fact? Call 311 quickly
•  Use reusable bags & reusable water bottles regularly
•  Refuse to use styrofoam (and speak up against it)

Team up with Groundwork Dallas to reclaim our public green spaces and waterways. Let’s take action and start seeing a difference. After all, this is our Texas-sized slice of nature. Let’s keep it clean.

And remember, a healthy Trinity – its river, basins, and urban forests – is essential for maintaining the quality of air and water in the Dallas metroplex. So your support is greatly appreciated.